Interior Design and Home Fashion


Here at Southern Care Design our designers aree here to assist you with a design that is not only functional but screams your personality and lifestyle. Our designers mission is to understand your needs, wants, desire and most importantly getting to know you and your family. Regardless of your project size...Our team is equipped to assist in building a design that is timeless, beautiful and creates memories.


Interior Design | Residential

Your identity will be translated into your signature style, perfect room function and an allocated budget. Not to mention; it’s a true value when every dollar is committed to a plan; ordered and installed all for you without lifting a finger.

New Construction | Renovation

No matter how your builder likes to work, we will help plan your new home from start to finish; to speed up construction; to make the right choices at the right time; and keep your costs down. We will coordinate existing furnishing with your new purchases, and prioritize perfect furniture placement for a perfect room function.

Commercial Design

Offices and corporate spaces deserve a professional treatment. We concetrate on value and deliver on form, functionality and flow. Why all three? The design provides levels of productivity that is essential to office and corporate environments. If you are a business owner wanting to create a fitting work environment then we make that happen; if you are looking to create an outward-facing corporate environment that showcases personality we also make that happen.

Space Plan | Furniture Layout

The 1st step of our Home Furnishings process is to create a space plan for each room. This sets the framework for your project. We sketch the layout and make suggestions on the placement, design, and category of furniture that fits your space perfectly.

Next, we provide a line-item budget for you to approve and the design process begins!

Color | Fabric | Furniture Selects

Rather painting a room and in need of the perfect color or upholstering a heirloom and needing the perfect fabric selection. Our SCD consultation are perfect to assist you with sourcing the perfect selection. Our consultation provide a opportunity to tap into our vendor and craftsmen relationships to create any design that you can imagine. Our team engages with custom artisans to create one-of-a-kind pieces to bring character and style to your home. Our consultation will assist with ensuring that each selection is correctly chosen for the space to be beautiful.

Exterior Design | Maintenance

Consistent care to your lawn and landscape is a key factor for enjoying the green areas of your property all year round. SCD Interior Designers work closely with Southern Care Landscaping to design and create a outdoorspace that is inviting and beautiful. SCL provides professional and reliable maintenance services to maintain your outdoor oasis. Southern Care Landscaping's annual plans range from basic cuts to full packages that will keep your yard manicured, green and healthy.

Lets Collaborate

We can collaborate with your architect and your builder during the planning stages to optimize your living space.

The services that we offer are

Design Consultation for Residential & Commercial Spaces

Outdoor Living Design

Color Consultation for Interiors & Exteriors

Furniture Space Planning

Furniture & Fabric Selections

Fixture & Finish Specification

Product Selection & Procurement

Custom Fabrications

Window Treatments