Interior Design and Home Fashion


" At first blush, hiring an Interior Designer might seem luxurious, but when people step back and reflect on the investment, it makes excellent sense" .

First Step

Inspiration Session

The first session of all SCD packages start with a Initial Consultation which we call a Inspiration session. During this session we will do a walk- through of your home to discuss design ideas, taste, and lifestyle plus amazing options. This session will assist our clients with ideas, a budget analysis and planning advice.

Residential (120 min session @ $250)

Commercial (180 min session @ $525)

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The two day creative design session will transform your space utilizing the items that you have in your home. Rather it is giving your space a refresh or making the space more functional.

*Option to source items from local SCD perferred stores. Accessories billed seperatly



Creative and accessorize design session is a total transformation plus beautifully sourced items. SCD will assist with the placement , design, and installation.

After the SCD Inspiration session. Selection of furnishings, rugs, accessories, lighting, bedding, etc. Procurement of samples for concept development and presentation. Full Service session can be used for Remodels and New builds.

(Design Fee and hourly)

* Price does not include accessorizing/ wall art.


SCD Exterior Design services will take your home to the next level. We offer porch decor design, patio decor design, and landscape design. Joining forces with our landscape team to provide your space with customeed designed curb appeal.


Our window baskets are absolutely beatuiful and elegant. If you are needing a curb appeal then you would absolutely love our baskets. We utilize the healthiest flowers and greenery that will provide the color, style and uniqueness that your property will display.

Our unique window baskets, planters and garden beds are a must have for any season.


Have you ever wanted to see into how a Designer finds the perfect pieces for your home? Shop with Southern Care Designers gives you an opportunity to be in the mist of the shopping madness to see how our creative minds work.

Clients are treated up to 8 hours of a pre-scheduled and reserved shopping day. Our team will curate a list of stores based upon your needs and wants.

( 8 hour ShoppingTrip @ $1,200) | Includes (Travel, Labor, Lunch & Expertise)

* Price does not include furnishings and decor

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